About Us

— Board Of Directors —


William "Bill" Woodward

Vice President: Charles "Bucky" Bourke
Secretary: Charles Schaefer
Treasurer: Michelle Urban
Member: Ann Marie Mikulak
Member: Christina Albright
Member: William "Bill" Bower
Member: Steve Pachuta
Member: Christopher Urban
Member: Lisa Bender
Member: Carol Kneier
Member: Margaret Ennis

To Contact The Board Of Directors Call:
Ann Marie at 448-2807 or
Bill Woodward at 448-2268
email or write at the address below

— Vision Statement —

It is the vision of The Pleasant Mount Community Center to promote pride in our community, provide a forum to facilitate interaction among neighbors, to provide opportunities for youth development, and enrich the lives of the residents of the community.

— Mission Statement —

Pleasant Mount Community Center encourages the gathering of youth and all community residents for recreational, civic and cultural development and enrichment opportunities.
The Pleasant Mount Community Center Board in conjunction with the Township Supervisors provides and maintains the Pleasant Mount Community Center as a place to assemble, and as a symbol of their commitment to the community.

Pleasant Mount Community Center
377 Great Bend Tpke
Pleasant Mount, PA 18453